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The Brewer.


Three essentials 


great beer takes as long as it takes mediocre beer is quicker.

Love of Cleaning:-

if it's not clean you can't sanitise it, if it's not sanitary your risking an infected beer that will have to go down the drain. 


To learn how to brew, to discover techniques, breweries, traditions and to get good recipies a real book is MUCH BETTER than the internet.

So BUY A BOOK, you wouldn't believe how much poor or just plain wrong advice I've seen especialy on FaceBook.

Not all books are as reliable as each other but at least they have been proof read and I highly recomend a real paper copy. There are very good resources on the net but reading will help you tell the good from the bad.

Some books I recomend.

  • How to Brew by John Palmer.
  • Brewing Classic Styles  by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.
  • Home Brew Beer by Greg Hughes.
  • BIAB Brew In A Bag by Christopher Rogers.
  • Brew Your Own British Real Ale at Home by Graham Wheeler and Roger Protz.
  • Brew Clasic European Beers at Home by Graham Wheeler and Roger Protz.

The last one can be a bit hard to find try AbeBooks.co.uk book search.