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Links By Category.

Some of the links are to forum posts and it's posible you will need to join to read them,  

UK Based Foums.  

Forums are much better sources of knowledge and support that social media althoug social media is often quicker.

Jim's Beer Kit.

The Homebrew Forum.

Other Forums.

Aussie Home Brewer.    

Home Brew Talk.      USA


Let's Freeze Some Yeast - Yeast - Aussie Home Brewer

Do you know how to make a yeast starter? Then why not farm yeast and freeze it? - Home Brew Forums


See the Book List     for All Grain and Extract recpies.

Coopers.                for Kit based recipies.

Customise Your Coopers. 

The Coopers links show what you are able to do even with a simpe one can kit..

Other Kit Links. 

Battle of The Toucans.

Ditch's Stout Master Class.

Adapted Kit Recipes.

Warm Lager Fermentation. 

https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/warm-fermented-lager-thread.592169/page-40    A long discussion but worth a read.

All about Plastic Pressure Barrels. :- https://www.thehomebrewforum.co.uk/threads/pressure-barrels-more-than-you-wanted-to-know.89344/unread