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Occasional Recipies.

Just a few recipies, there are so many on the net I see little reason to post more.

Federation Special Ale.

OG 1.040,  FG 1.006, ABV 4.6, IBU 22, Colour 23EBC.
Batch Size 25litres

Pale Malt 3150g, 
Torrefied Wheat 500g, 
Black Malt 45g 
White Sugar 500g.

Start of Boil
Target Hops 25g
Last 15 minutes
EKG 5g
Styrian Goldings 5g

Mash 66°C for 90 mins.
Boil 90 mins
FG 1.006
ABV 4.6%
IBS 22
Colour 23EBC.