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Dust from the Grain Sack


  • Always hydrate dried yeast.                  #Fermentis
  • If it's not clean it can’t be sanitised.      #Anon
  • Better beer needs good Fermentation Temperature Control.       #Anon
  • Cold Crashing clears beer.                    #Anon
  • Make starters for liquid yeast.                #Anon
  • Happy Yeast make better beer.              #Anon
  • Keep a spray bottle of sanitiser handy.   #Anon
  • Brewing’s work for a patient man.           #Me
  • Full its heavy, think about how you're going to lift it.    #Me
  • Keep good notes and label your brew, you know it makes sense.    #Me
  • You Need that Extra Bucket.      #Me
  • If you bottle your beer a bottle tree is a wonderful present.     #Me
  • Bench  Cappers rule!    #Me
  • A good Hydrometer is a thing of beauty.       #Me
  • Check your thermometer calibration.      #Anon
  • Measure your water's Alkalinity before you brew.     #Anon
  • Freecycle/Freegle for a fermentation fridge.    #Me
  • A watched pot never boils but an unattended brew pot always boils over.   #Wil Wheaton
  • Airlock activity is never a substitute for a hydrometer.    #cj-3

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