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AG Equipment Choices

I’m only going to make a few comments and recommendations.

Buy a Brewing Book. This will get you started and may be all you need.

Join.  JimsBeerKit (UK) or HomeBrewTalk (USA) or Aussi Homebrew these forms offer good advice and instructions.

I will still make a few comments, you can brew to the highest standard without buying Thousands of Pounds worth of kit, you don't need a GrainFather (or clone) you don't need stainless fermenters both are nice but not needed.

I wouldn’t recommend plastic vessels to boil in, they seem safe lots of people use them with success but I prefers stainless steel. The idea of 30litres of boiling water in a plastic bucket make me uncomfortable.

I started with a second-hand Burco manual Water Boiler and a temperature controller based on a STC1000. If you can get the boiler very cheaply it’s still worth doing but the GrainFather clones are now so cheap that boiler needs to be very cheap or free!

If you want to build your first brewery I highly recommend the Counter Top Brutus 20 I only moved on from it when the Cool Box (£3 at a car boot sale) gave up.

Do not rely on Facebook you will get advice but so many of the people who respond are new to brewing that although they want to help the advice may not be good and this is why I always recommend buying a book!